General Questions

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the act of raising funds online from a large number of people for a specific project, cause, or campaign.

How does it work at the ORR Athletic Booster Club?

ORRABC has partnered with a company called Community Funded to create Support Bulldog Nation, which is the ORRABC’s official crowdfunding platform. The Booster Club, individual teams and sports programs will use Support Bulldog Nation to promote specific fundraising campaigns with targeted goals.

Donor Questions

How do I contribute to a campaign on Support Bulldog Nation?

Once you identify the campaign(s) you wish to support, click the “Make a gift” button, and complete the online contribution form, which will charge your credit card in the amount you enter. ORRABC accepts all major credit cards.

The online contribution form also includes a link to a paper form, which you may print, fill out, and mail to the ORRABC. The paper form may be used for either credit card or gifts by check. Please do not send cash via the US Postal Service.

Donors interested in making gifts through alternative methods should contact the ORRABC by phone at 508.380.3969 or email at president@orrathleticboosters.com.

What is the minimum and maximum gift I can make?

The minimum amount you may give to a single project is $5, but there is no upper limit to what you may give. However, if you wish to give more than $5,000 please contact the ORRABC directly by phone at 508.380.3969 or email at president@orrathleticboosters.com.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately upon making the gift.

How is my contact information used?

Your contact information is required to process your credit card payment. Campaign managers receive your name and email address so they may send you a thank you message for your gift. In addition ORRABC may use your contact information to provide updates on the campaigns to which you have contributed as well as similar or other active campaigns on Support Bulldog Nation.

Are contributions returned if a campaign does not reach its fundraising goal?

No, all funds are applied to the stated fundraising purpose and are available immediately after the completion of your gift. If a campaign becomes impractical or impossible to complete, funds will be used in the spirit of the original purpose of the project. Due to the charitable nature of gifts made to ORRABC, which is a tax exempt organization, refunds are not permitted.

Is my contribution publicly displayed?

Only if you say so. By default your name is publicly displayed on the pages of campaigns which you have supported. However, you may make an anonymous contribution by selecting that option at the time of your gift.

What rewards can I receive for my contribution?

By default, you receive the warmest and sincerest thanks for your contribution. Some campaigns may offer other rewards which have no monetary value.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

All gifts made on Support Bulldog Nation are tax-deductible gifts to ORR Athletic Booster Club, which is a tax-exempt, charitable organization. A receipt will be emailed and/or mailed to you within two weeks of your contribution.

How do I know if the project reaches its goal?

All progress can be monitored through the specific campaign page on Support Bulldog Nation. Additionally, campaign managers may provide regular progress reports to donors throughout the campaign and upon completion.